Apple’s Siri saves toddler’s life


Apple can be proud of its Siri because it has saved a toddler’s life. Just before Apple’s annual WWDC event, where the company is expected to open up Siri to developers for making more utility cases for users. According to reports, the incident that took place in March in an Australian household where one year old Giana Gleeson stopped breathing and needed help. 

The toddler’s mother Stacey Glesson rushed to her daughter, picked her up, sat on the floor and began to check on her. Stacey, who was panicking, remembered that her iPhone was also nearby on the floor. She just called out to Siri by saying ‘Hey Siri’ and asked it to call for an ambulance. Apple’s virtual assistant connected the call to the emergency service and Stacey was able to talk to the emergency service while she resuscitated the child.

“Before I knew it the ambulance was on its way and Giana was breathing again,” she told the Sydney Morning Herald. In a separate incident, Siri had managed to save a US teenager’s life. The teenager used Siri to call an ambulance after he was pinned underneath a truck in an accident and was unable to reach out for his phone. Siri is also expected to finally appear on MacOS (laptops and desktops) or OS X at the WWDC announcement.