Apple Walnut shrikhand recipe



500 gms yoghurt

200 gms fine grain sugar

1 Tbsp cinnamon powder

1 diced green apple

100 gms walnuts


Add fine grain sugar to yoghurt,

Now, add cinnamon powder and diced green apples,

Mix well & keep it in chiller for at least 45 minutes. Yourshrikhand is done.

Caramelize some sugar, pour it onto the walnuts,

Allow it to settle and cool down.

Pound candied walnuts,

Serve shrikhand in a glass,

Garnish with thin sliced green apples,

Sprinkle candied walnuts atop and serve.

Key Ingredients:  Walnuts, green apples, green apple, walnut, yogurt, sugar, cinnamon, cinnamon powder