Apple iPhone costs in India increased marginally after customs rise


US based Company Apple is likely to increase its iPhone prices following the government declared increase of 5 per cent on import taxes. With result from today, 64 GB variant of iPhone X smartphone will go on sale at Rs 92,430 while 256GB variant will go on sale at Rs 1,05,720.

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As per the reports, 32 GB of iPhone 6 price will be hiked at Rs 30,780. On the other hand, iPhone 6s 32 GB variant costs Rs 41,550 whereas 128 GB variant costs Rs 50,660. While, 32 GB and 128 GB variants of iPhone 6s Plus price will be raised at Rs 50,740 and Rs 59, 860 correspondingly.

iPhone 7 32GB variant will be available at Rs 50,810 whereas 128GB variant costs Rs 59,910. 32 GB variant of iPhone 7 Plus will cost Rs 61,060 and 128GB variant will be priced at Rs 70,180.

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Before the customs rise, iPhone 8 64GB variant was available at Rs 66,120 while 256GB variant of phone costs Rs 79,420. The rates of iPhone 8 Plus is Rs 75, 450 for the 64GB variant and for 256GB, it is Rs 88,750. The price of iPhone X 64 GB variant Rs 92,430 whereas 256GB variant costs Rs 1,05,720.