Apple company to set up a plant in Maharashtra


New Delhi. The American multinational Apple Company is going to set up its plant in Maharashtra in India. According to the report in the Economics Times, India would lead to the manufacturing of Apple products. Foxconn, Apple’s largest contract manufacturer to seek land for the plant in India has reached upon its final stage.

Foxconn is showing its interest to set up a plant in Maharashtra from last one year. The total cost of the plant is estimated to be $10 billion. This means that market will get the Maharashtra manufactured Apple products soon. Foxconn will need an area of 1200 acres to set up the plant. Two or more locations have been identified by the company till now for which negations have reached to its final stage of the round.

Many other states tried to attract the Foxconn but it’s like Maharashtra won the deal. Foxconn is in the process of finalizing the deal with the Indian government. The construction work will be winded up in 18 months soon after the land acquisition.

This initiative by the Foxconn would definitely make the popular Apple product iPhone, iPad, iPod and MacBook cheap for the India masses. Plus it will generate employment opportunities in India.

It seems like wants to draw Indian customers towards its ‘Made In India' tag.