Anurag Basu: Ranbir, Katrina turned out to be more professional after split


On-screen characters Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif ensured their separation did not influence the shoot of their upcoming comic drama dramatization 'Jagga Jasoos', executive Anurag Basu has uncovered.

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August 30, 2016

Ranbir and Katrina went separate ways not long ago after a long romance. Tattle plants have subsequent to been swirling that their split had made it troublesome for the chief to complete the film.

Rubbishing the reports, Anurag said the performing artists turned out to be more expert post the separation to not give the shooting a chance to get hampered.

"Or maybe they (Ranbir and Katrina) turned out to be more experts so that the work doesn't get influenced. They were more worried that the their own condition or relationship doesn't turn into an obstacle for the film".

"We were shooting and were stunned with the stories that used to happen them (Ranbir and Katrina) and the postponement. Likewise, reports that they are not sharing vanity van turned out but rather they were never sharing vans," the "Barfi" hemler said.

Anurag was, truth be told, astounded the way Ranbir and Katrina carried on the sets.

"I was shocked… They went about as though nothing isn't right and they are totally fine. I was worried with what was being caught on camera and not with what happened between them."

"They are so proficient. Before (additionally), we have seen performing artists, who have separated and still cooperated," he said.

The 42-year-old 'Life in a Metro' executive is very much aware that amid the advancements of 'Jagga Jasoos', focus would be on his lead stars' personal life.

"The attention will be on their own life. I can't help it. The film will be advertised and they will go out to advance it and inquiries concerning their own life will be raised. I don't know how they are going to face it and in what capacity will I do it.

"(In any case, it discourages me. I think crowd is brilliant. By bringing or concentrating on every one of these things (individual life) you can't convey group of onlookers to theaters. It doesn't happen," he included.

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