Anthony Hopkins says being An Actor is a ‘very peculiar business’


Performing artist Anthony Hopkins, known for his depiction of Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs, says being an on-screen character is an "very peculiar business."

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Anthony will be back on the little screen with Jonathan Nolan's Westworld, which will debut on Indian TV on Tuesday night.

Anthony will be seen assuming the part of a perplexing specialist Robert Ford, who has both an interest with the animals he has enlivened and an easygoing negligence for them.

Asked what pulled in him to the undertaking, Anthony said he has no clue.

"All things considered, my operator called one day and said might you want to be in Westworld? I said, 'What, the old motion picture?' She said, ' its HBO' – and I hadn't done TV in years. They sent me the script and I said: 'Play Doctor Ford? It's extremely entangled'. In any case, I said I'd do it – and that return in 2014," Anthony said in an announcement.

He included: "When individuals ask me, you know, at these meetings – and I've done numerous throughout the years – 'Why did you turn into an on-screen character?' I say, 'Well, it beats working, doesn't it?' And they say, "What?" Well, it beats working professionally."

"They say, 'Why did you take this part?' Well, no one else will do it. It confounds them since they needed me to give a controlled answer: 'Well, I did it in view of the bend of the part and the story'. Be that as it may, I said, 'I have no clue'. What's more, it's not a stance – I would not joke about this. It's an extremely impossible to miss business, being an on-screen character."

The Oscar-winning star said he is not skeptical, but rather "it's simply that I don't have any sentiments about anything any longer."

"Possibly that is just obliviousness, however I couldn't care less," included the 78-year-old on-screen character.

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