Another suicide bombing by ISIS killed 17 militants in Iraq


Baghdad. Islamic state (IS) terrorist organization killed at least 17 Iraqi militants on Thursday with suicide truck bombs in Jarayshi, 10 km north of Ramadi in Iraq.

The jihadist group got 2 policemen dead and injured eight others in two suicides bombing in Abu Gharib outside Baghdad. The attackers had tied explosives to their bodies and blew themselves up in the blast. They killed more than 80 people in car suicide bombing at a market and two checkpoints inside the Baghdad just a day before.

An army colonel who witnessed the incident told that insurgent blew up a truck near Ramadi and killed 17 soldiers in suicide bombing. Ramadi has always been a strong hold of the Islamic State. He further added that terrorists laid siege on a regiment of the army and, captured the bridge that connects the Ramadi to the Thirthat district.

This recent attack on Ramadi is believed to be the one of the heaviest blows to the army since it drove IS out of the western city five months back.

The bridge was taken under control by the government forces through the air strikes by a U.S. led coalition.