Amrinder Singh defends Kamal Nath’s decision to quit congress


Congress politician, Kamal Nath Singh who resigned as general secretary in charge of Punjab on Thursday was strongly defended by Punjab Congress chief Amrinder Singh.

Amrinder Singh stated, “Mr Singh, who is also the party’s face in Punjab in the run up to polls early next year, said Mr. Nath had done a gracious thing by his resignation but maintained that had he continued also “there would not have been any difference”.

Singh told the reporters, “I think he would have been an excellent general secretary as he has a lot of experience and is very decisive. It is a great shame for us that this issue has been raised by people only to harm the Congress party.

Amrinder Singh alleged that “I thanked him saying this is a very gracious thing that he has done by doing this. He would have made a very good general secretary for us, but these people are pointing fingers at anyone as they are desperate.”