Amit Shah expressed condolences at the death of soldiers in a terror attack in Uri


BJP President Amit Shah, Condoling the demise of 17 officers in a dread assault in Jammu and Kashmir, on Sunday said India has been battling against fear based oppression for long and the battle is in its definitive stages.

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"Pakistan has been supporting fear mongering and psychological oppressor outfits to destabilize India. India has been battling against dread and this battle is in the definitive stages now. The suffering of nation's bold warriors won't be permitted to go waste," Mr Shah said in an announcement.

The Bharatiya Janata Party boss likewise communicated sympathies at the demise of 17 fighters who were killed in the fear monger assault on Uri armed force camp in Jammu and Kashmir at an early stage Sunday.

"I am profoundly tormented at the news of the passing of our 17 courageous fighters. I bow to their valor and the preeminent penance they made in troublesome conditions," Mr Shah said.

Vigorously outfitted fear based oppressors assaulted the armed force camp at Uri at an opportune time Sunday morning, killing 17 officers and injuring numerous others. Security strengths shot dead every one of the four aggressors.

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