Amit Shah and Arun Jaitley presented Prime Minister’s BA and MA degrees


New Delhi: The BJP chief Amit Shah presented the proof of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s degrees in the press conference held on behalf of BJP on Monday in New Delhi.

"We are putting both the degrees of the Prime Minister, the Bachelor of Arts from Delhi University and the MA from Gujarat University in public domain," Shah told in a press conference he addressed with the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

"Kejriwal has repeatedly written letters to the CIC, the PMO etc; to propagate a lie – that PM Modi's degrees are fake," BJP chief Amit Shah said in a press conference. "I am hereby presenting the PM's BA and MA degrees.”

"We are putting both PM's degrees (Bachelor of Arts from Delhi University & MA from Gujarat University) in the public domain," the BJP chief said.

“It’s unfortunate we have to clarify the Prime Minister’s academic qualification. Kejriwal should apologize for making such baseless and cheap allegations,” said Amit Shah.

The Delhi Chief Minister, who has been demanding that Modi's degrees be placed in public domain, said the issue was not whether the PM was "10th pass or 12th pass" but that he has furnished "fake" certificates and "cheated" the people of the country.

The Delhi chief minister had personally wrote to information commissioner seeking disclosure of Modi’s educational qualifications. The central information commission (CIC) then asked both Delhi University and Gujarat University to provide the information.

Kejriwal then went on his own to find out from DU and claimed that records showed that the Prime Minister had never enrolled in the university.