Amit murder case: Cops arrested one of the sharpshooters


The Jaipur police on Tuesday asserted a major breakthrough after cops captured one of the sharpshooters who was hired by Jeevan Ram Choudhary to gun down his son- in-law Amit Nair at latter’s home in Karni Vihar area of the city on May 17.

The special units of Jaipur police’s south area captured 20-year-old Vinod Gaura from Kunchaman city of Nagaur district in the wee hours of Tuesday. Deputy commissioner of police (West) Ashok Gupta revealed to media that Jeevan Ram Choudhary hatched a conspiracy to shoot down his son-in-law Amit Nair as he was dismayed over his girl Mamta’s inter-caste marriage, for this reason he hired two shooters, one was identified Ram Deva Ram who shot Nair and another was his aide Gaura.

“We had been keeping track of Gaura’s movements across Kuchaman city through ground and technical surveillance. Gaura had met Ram on Monday evening,” Gupta told to media. Primary investigation recommends that on May 17, Gaura was sitting inside the auto outside the house.

“He didn’t go into the Nair’s home, Jeevan Ram gave Rs 50,000 to both Ram and Gaura. The duo shared the amount between them,” Gupta said.

DCP Gupta believe with the arrest of Gaura, the cops are inching nearer to the main shooter. Based on the testimony of Mamta, the cops had asserted that there were two shooters who joined Jeevan Ram.

The suspected case of ‘honour kills’ had sent shockwaves over the city with a few divisions and specialised units of the Jaipur police trying to collect clues about the broad day light killing. With the help of FSL and statements of Nair’s better half, the police arrested Jeevan Ram, his significant other and son along with two others.