Ameesha Patel was scorned by a Delhi-based store owner


Bollywood on-screen character Ameesha Patel has frequently been in the news for not really right reasons and the most recent occurrence just adds to the extensive rundown of numerous such reasons that have kept the "Gadar" on-screen character in the spotlight throughout the years. According to the most recent reports, Ameesha as of late set up a gathering at her home where she welcomed her dear companions which even incorporated a couple of persuasive ones from the political circuit.

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After the gathering, Ameesha, who was noticeably in high spirits, was caught conversing with one of her political companions about how her vocation has been experiencing the least stage and the extreme time she is experiencing similarly as her expert life is concerned. Her companion squandered no time in calling a Delhi-based store proprietor who had been wanting to dispatch another store of his prevalent establishment and requesting that he welcome Ameesha to initiate the new store. Much to his and Ameesha's stun and unnerve the store proprietor inside and out declined to oblige with his solicitation and disconnected the telephone.

Everything we can say is better luck next time, Ameesha.

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