Amazon draws flak for selling doormats with Hindu Gods


New Delhi : E-commerce giant Amazon is facing backlash for selling doormats and other products on their website with images of Hindu gods and goddesses. Rock Bull, an international brand selling home, kitchen, and office supplies through Amazon has a large number of products depicting Indian gods and goddesses which also include the controversial doormats.

The incident has caused an outrage among users on social media and the hashtag #BoycottAmazon has been trending on Twitter. The situation got worse when it was discovered that doormats with pictures of Jesus, Holy Quran and Islamic-themed were also on sale on Amazon. The doormats have since been removed from the website.

In conversation with a news paper, an Amazon India spokesperson said in an email, "We have escalated this to concerned team, for them to take appropriate action. The items you reference are no longer available for sale."