Amazing rescue by Group of Strangers, as car flipped into ditch


A driver who lost control of his convertible on a South Carolina highway and flipped into a ditch was rescued Tuesday by strangers who pulled over to help and were able to flip his car back over. A group of about 12 to 15 good Samaritans pulled over their cars on Interstate 20 on Tuesday morning to help a man get out of an overturned car.

One of those rescuers, Louis Doleac, said he was heading to a meeting around 9:30 a.m. when he saw the man’s car land after it flipped two or three times. After that, Doleac said he and several others pulled over to try to free the man from the mangled mess of steel and plastic. However, they were unsuccessful at first.

Doleac said several more people arrived and had enough strength to turn the car upright and free the man from the car. “Everybody stopped,” Doleac said. “Everybody wanted to get that guy out. Everybody wanted to save this guy’s life.”

The common good prevailed in the end. Jonathan Janzen, the driver of the vehicle, is still in disbelief at how the whole thing happened. “I had a library book in the backseat that I wasn’t thinking about,” Janzen said, “and as I hit about 70 miles per hour, it fluttered up and, I’m like ‘What’s that?’ I veered off to the left, over-corrected, and went across. I can’t believe I didn’t hit anybody.” It was an emotional overload for Janzen, who walked away with just a scratch and a lot of new friends.

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