Amazing places for Scuba Diving in Thailand


Surin Islands

Somewhat further toward the north of Similan islands are the stunning Surin islands. Not as mainstream as the Similans, but rather a standout amongst other spots to go for scuba making a plunge Thailand. Here, you can likewise do overnight watercraft excursions to snorkel! The assorted variety of submerged marine life is awesome around there. At the Mu Ko Surin Marine National Park, you will go over lovely marine animals like sharks and manta beams alongside a decent large scale life as frogfish, phantom pipefish and seahorse.

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Richelieu Rock

This world-celebrated plunge site is the place there are great opportunities to detect a Whale Shark! As making a plunge Thailand is more about enormous fishes and great spots for full scale jumping, this one is a champ. With great plunges and stunning perceivability, the Richelieu Rock jump site is the lord of all jumping locales.

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Koh Phi Phi

In spite of being nearer to the territory, Koh Phi is perceived as a standout amongst other plunging destinations in Thailand. This is likewise why you will locate a few comprehensive scuba jumping resorts here. Jumping here is shore based with neighborhood plunge focuses. Aside from such an excess of, jumping here is sensibly evaluated. To be sure, a great place to take jump lessons and pass your PADI vast water.

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Phuket Islands

This is the beginning stage of a large portion of the plunging islands, itself being one. You can make day trips from this plunging goal to other jumping goals. With the normal temperature being around 25C to 32C and water temperature around 29C, this place can be gone by consistently. January to April, being hot and dry is the best time to visit Phuket. November to April and December and January are crest seasons when swarms rush the place. Be that as it may, jumping is conceivable all year around. So begin taking surfing lessons in Phuket.

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Khao Lak

Quick turning into a most loved for some jumpers, Khao Lak is drifting! Given simple availability to plunge destinations, the island has a plenty of scuba jumping sets. This is additionally one of the best resort areas for a Thailand plunging occasion. The island is in a perfect world put to concentrate on the northern Thai Andaman Sea. Beast jump attractions of whale sharks and manta beams is another motivation behind why this place is turning into a most loved of jumpers.

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Koh Kradan

Arranged in the Andaman ocean, Koh Kradan’s disaster area is said to be a Japanese destroyer. The perceivability, be that as it may, is frequently poor beneath the thermocline. In any case, rather take a gander at the fauna as you may presumably observe a seahorse! The Hippocampus kuda might be stowing away in the ropes. Additionally, numerous delicate corals, tutoring fish, lion fish and mammoth morays are what you can expect on a jump at the Koh Kradan Wreck.

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