Amazing health benefits of taking Bitter Gourd Juice


Momordica charantia, known as bitter gourd or balsam-pear, is a tropical vine of the family Cucurbitaceae, widely grown in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean for its edible fruit. It is very beneficial for our health. If you daily consume bitter gourd juice, it is considered to be very beneficial for our health.

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So let’s know how it can be beneficial for our health:

  • Not only bitter gourd but its juice and leaves are also beneficial for our health. Using the leaves, problems related to the stomach are reduced to some extent. If you have pain in your ear, keep 4-4 drops of its juice in the ear, it provides relief.
  • If there is a wound or a burn injury in any part of the body, then by putting bitter gourd roots, you can easily get rid from pain and its spots.Image result for Bitter Gourd Juice
  • Everyday consumption of bitter gourd juice strengthens liver and protects us from diseases like jaundice.
  • Drinking a glass of bitter gourd every day destroys pancreatic cancer.
  • If you do not get the root of bitter gourd, then grind the leaves of bitter gourd and heat it a bit and put it to the wound. It will help in getting rid of it and also provides relief from pain.Image result for Bitter Gourd Juice
  • By drinking the juice of bitter gourd daily, the digestive tract is correct, which leads to hunger.
  • Bitter gourd juice also enhances immune system and helps strengthen psoriasis naturally.Related image

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