Amazing health benefits of Saffron


Saffron is a spice derived from the flower of Crocus sativus, usually known as the “saffron crocus”. The crimson stigmas and styles, called threads, are assembled and dried to be used as seasoning and coloring agent in food. Saffron is the most costly spices by weight. Saffron has many health benefits. It is mainly used in winters and also beneficial in health and for glowing skin.  Image result for Saffron

So here we will tell you about some interesting benefits of Saffron:

  • If you are facing problem of cold and cough, then using Saffron is beneficial. Mix 1 pinch of saffron and honey in 1 glass of hot milk and consume. This will provides relief.Image result for cold and cough
  • Combining saffron with milk, we overcome with many types of physical problems and also provides you relief. It is also very beneficial for skin.Image result for saffron with milk
  • Saffron is also known by other names like Jaffaran, Kumkum etc. Saffron is very beneficial for health. Its fragrance is very fast.
  • Saffron is the best medicine for filling the wound. If used as a medication, you will quickly get relief from injury.
  • Saffron is helpful in getting rid from stomach problems like dyspepsia, pain etc. Eating saffron with milk daily provides relief.Image result for stomach problems
  • Saffron controls high blood pressure. High blood pressure patients should eat saffron especially in winter because it is hot in nature.