Amazing food joints in Jodhpur


Hunting down the best eateries in Jodhpur? All things considered, this is exactly what you require. The city, in truth the condition of Rajasthan stands unmistakable with its rich culture and custom. This lively state awes with its building wonder, as well as with the continually grinning faces that local people brandish.

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Add to it the way that Rajasthan is likewise a heaven for nourishment mates with its scope of treats, arranged with affection and presented with a flavoring of ghee (Indian illuminated spread); not to overlook that it’s a state popular for its extraordinary dal bati churma and lal maas. It’s a given that an excursion to Rajasthan is inadequate in the event that you haven’t encountered its mouth-watering dishes. While each city has its own forte and eateries, here’s your manual for six astonishing eateries that you should eat at while in Jodhpur, the second biggest city in Rajasthan.


Known for its authentic Rajasthani cuisine, the Dinesh Bhati Restaurant is conveniently situated near the busy Nai Sarak. The place is known for its varied innovative Rajasthani delicacies. The place is also synonymous to the famous Rajasthani dish dal-baati-churma. Baatis are the wheat balls baked in wood-fired ovens and dal is curried lentils with a seasoning of red chilli powder along with a good dose of ghee (Indian clarified butter). Churma is the mixture of crushed baatis, mixed with ghee and sugar. Fruit cream and the fried raita are also worth a try at the restaurant that remains open till 10 PM.


This place is a small, a few decades old sweet shop, which unarguably serves the best gulab jamun in Pungalpara, Jodhpur. The lip-smacking gulab jamuns here are different in a way that they are not dipped in thick sugar syrup, which is usually the case; these are surprisingly dry. In spite of the surprising dryness, these are moist enough and are nothing less than soft, delicious and sinful, well-complemented with an aroma of ghee. But beware! As you walk in the lane that houses this shop, you will find hundreds of shops with the same name. Look out for the authentic one at the end of the lane, and get ready to be delighted.


As the name suggests, this dhaba (roadside eatery) is 9 miles away from Jodhpur. It is great for anyone, who fancies the idea of enjoying a meal in a rustic environment. Feast on delicious tandoori aaloo parathas, sev tamatar and dal fry; while these are the must-haves, there is plenty to choose from. A huge hit with travellers crossing the highway, this keeps buzzing with foodies all day long. Not to miss if a long drive and a picnic-sort-of-meal is what you’re looking for.


Shri Mishrilal Hotel is a small food joint, located just inside the southern gate of Sardar Market. This 90 year old, not-so-fancy shop is best known for its makhaniya lassi that is so creamy and rich that foodies use the term “eating” for the drink! It is best tasted with a spoon due to its heavy texture. This is an absolute must-have if you are in Jodhpur. Probably the best joint to taste lassi in the entire Rajasthan. Samosas and rabri at Shri Mishrilal Hotel will also leave you asking for more. The shop remains open from 8 AM to 10 PM and is a huge hit with the locals; it’s advisable to go early in the day or evening for they run out of the best fare pretty quickly.


Janta Sweet Home is one of the best places to sample the famous namkeens and sweets of Jodhpur on a shoestring budget. It is a busy local sweet shop on the main street of Jodhpur, hugely popular for its scrumptious specialities. If your tolerance power allows tasting spicy stuff, you can pamper your taste buds with the yummlicious mirchi vadas, which is a speciality here. For desserts, you can enjoy the local delicacy of mawa ladoos, mawa kachoris, and ghevar. While the shop is open till 11 in the night, you might want to make a dash before they run out of all the good stuff. Other than these specialties, you can also gorge on pizzas and burgers available in an Indian-ised version along with plenty of local beverage options like lassi. There’s another branch of Janta Sweet Home near the Jodhpur Railway Station but nothing beats the charm of hitting it off at the main branch at Nai Sarak. Once you’re done gorging over the delights here, do not forget to enjoy a leisurely walk at the nearby Ghanta Ghar.


This old food joint is quite an interesting place to try for the foodies while in Jodhpur. This restaurant has a legacy of serving traditional Rajasthani delicacies. Its unique blend of lip-smacking curries, served with hot tandoori bread preparations and the unforgettable garlic gravy makes it quite a favourite with the locals as well as tourists. Ever heard of haldi ki sabzi (turmeric curry), gulab jamun ki sabzi, or ras malai ki sabzi—well, this is the place for all these experimental dishes. Add to it the other must tries that include gatte ki sabzi, kabooli (a unique variety of biryani), dry fruit cream and many other sweets. The place remains open from 12:30 PM to 10:30 PM.

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