Amazing beaches to explore near Kuala Lumpur


When you’re in the energetic city of Kuala Lumpur, entranced with its captivating concrete and clamoring feel, it’s anything but difficult to overlook that you are in a nation that gloats of a portion of the best scuba plunging and sandy fixes on this side of the world. In case you’re hoping to get away from the angering confusion of the city, your most logical option is escape to the shorelines close Kuala Lumpur.

A portion of the best islands in Malaysia are effortlessly available from this city. The most ideal approach to encounter the appeal of the nation is to encounter the crude, unadulterated excellence of its shores. These are the best shorelines close Kuala Lumpur:

  • Port Dickson:

Arranged along the North-South interstate, Port Dickson is just an hour from Kuala Lumpurbut you’re certain to feel that it’s a radical new world inside and out. There are a couple of shorelines here that resemble a much needed refresher for those hoping to get away from the modest of the most optimized plan of attack life. A portion of the famous shorelines are Bagan Pinang, Pantai Saujana and Pantaya Cahaya Negeri shoreline. There are an assortment of water sports offices accessible on these shorelines.

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  • Morib Beach:

Situated around 64 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur, Morib Beach is a short sandy fix that is a break from the contamination of the city. A perfect day trip as this is a prevalent shoreline nearer to Kuala Lumpur and offers genuinely necessary peace and quiet to guests. Children can appreciate rollerblading and kite flying all over is likewise an extraordinary fish eatery on the shoreline.

  • Bagan Lalang:

Pretty much a one hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, Bagan Lalang lies in the Sepang region. The shoreline is appropriate for swimming and furthermore makes for an awesome reflective break. There is some crisp and delightful fish on offer in the eateries encompassing the shoreline. An augmentation of Morib shoreline, Bagan Lalang is a peaceful safe house that makes for a decent short getaway for family and companions.

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  • Batu Feringghi:

Think unending extends of fine white sand and a lively eatery scene that is continually clamoring with action. Batu Feringghi is Penang’s most created shoreline yet that has not taken away its appeal as a standout amongst the most energizing shorelines close Kuala Lumpur. In case you’re somebody who cherishes a shoreline with its vivacious shacks and markets, this is the perfect place for you. After you’re finished with chilling on the sand, make a beeline for one of the flawless night markets or test some yummy dishes in one of the eateries. There is likewise some adrenaline pumping water sports exercises at this shoreline.

  • Pulau Jerejak:

Its very uncommon to locate an untouched rainforest flourishing beside a flawless shoreline. Pulau Jerejak is one such island found simply off the shoreline of Penang. Situated at a drive of four hours from Kuala Lumpur, Pulau Jerejak is a peaceful withdraw that is famous as an ecotourism goal and one of the best islands in Malaysia. From wilderness trekking to kayaking, there is a large group of exercises to enjoy here. The island is open by means of a free ship from Penang.

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  • Pantai Kerachut:

Another shoreline close to the Penang island, Pantai Kerachut is the remotest shoreline here. Totally shocking, this shoreline is a settling ground for jeopardized species like the Olive Ridley turtles, Hawksbill turtles among other fascinating species like kingfishers, mousedeers, and crabs. Other than this, Pantai Kerachut likewise has the qualification of being one of the main four meromictic lakes in Asia which have both ocean water and crisp water that are known not to intermix. It is available by a twenty-minute watercraft ride from Batu Ferringhi.

  • Pangkor:

Consistent with its name, Pangkor is a lovely island. It gloats of various shorelines that can be investigated effectively on a motorbike. Pantai Pasir Bogak is a well known shoreline on the island. Pangkor Laut is one of the loveliest shoreline resorts close Kuala Lumpur. Nipah shoreline gloats of clear waters that are completely magnificent to swim in. Do require the push to achieve the remote Segadas shoreline that is a standout amongst the most eminent shorelines on the island. Guests can snorkel at Pulau Giam. Pangkor lies at a separation of four hours from Kuala Lumpur.

  • Langkawi:

That Langkawi is the perfect escape for shoreline significant others is something anybody in Malaysia will let you know. In any case, out of the many shorelines that this island brags, we’re here to demonstrate to you which one is the best for the shoreline bum in you. You will love Tanjung Rhu for its unending stretch of white sand and purplish blue waters. Teluk Yu is an incredible shoreline for families due to its shaded seating zones and swimming potential outcomes. Pantai Kok is another incredible shoreline that offers shocking narrows perspectives and perfectly clear waters. In spite of the fact that Langkawi is not perfect for day trips from Kuala Lumpur in light of its immense separation from the city, it is effortlessly available by flights and exceedingly prescribed for its shorelines. On the off chance that you are a recently marry get ready for a vacation in Langakawi which is a perfect sentimental place in Malaysia.

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  • Tioman:

Unarguably one of the best islands on the planet, Tioman is still scantily populated and thickly forested. A scuba jumping heaven, Tioman gloats of white coral reefs and wonderful blue waters. The eastern shoreline of Tioman is the place the greater part of its shorelines are found. The west drift has a long shoreline extending interminably from Juara town. A portion of the significant shorelines here are Paya, Tekek, Air Batang, Genting, Mukut, Salang, and Nipah. Gotten to by means of a ship from Mersing, Tioman is around 370 kilometers far from Kuala Lumpur. Tioman is the place you will discover a portion of the best shorelines close Kuala Lumpur.

  • Cherating:

Cherating is known for its laidback vibe and wide extend of sand. Gradually transforming into a hiker heaven, Cherating is a perfect place for the individuals who love to invest hours looking at the unending skyline. Guests can enjoy various water exercises like surfing, swimming and so on. There is a turtle asylum adjacent that is likewise justified regardless of a visit. Cherating lies at a separation of 278 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur.

  • Teluk Batik:

The Teluk Batik shoreline is situated at a separation of 6.5 kilometers from the town of Lumut. The shimmery brilliant sands of Teluk Batik pull in various shoreline mates consistently. An extraordinary family shoreline, the waters are perfect for swimming amid low tide. Loaded with sorted out pleasantries after a current reclamation, guests can discover clean restrooms and shower territories at the shoreline. Situated at a separation of 3 and a half hours from Kuala Lumpur, Teluk Batik makes for a decent escape from the city.

  • Pantai Puteri:

Puteri Beach is situated in Tanjung Kling in the Malacca territory. It is around 2.5 kilometers in length and is a calm and clean shoreline that is perfect for a cookout or some R&R. At first known as Kundor shoreline, Pantai Puteri is very famous with local people on ends of the week and occasions. There are various shoreline resorts on this shoreline and furthermore some fascinating restaurants. Guest offices additionally incorporate open toilets, supplication rooms. One can spot anglers on the waters and there are additionally water sports exercises on the shoreline. Pantai Puteri is at a separation of 135 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur.

  • Redang:

Redang is a tropical heaven favored with sun-kissed shorelines and perfect sky blue waters. A flat out must visit for any shoreline bum, Redang brags of many shorelines that are ideal for revival. To get to Redang from Kuala Lumpur, guests can either take non-stop flights or overnight transports that take seven to eight hours to achieve Redang. The best shorelines in Redang are Sekinchan, Coral Beach, Pasir Panjang shoreline, Pasir Kalong and Marine Park shoreline. There are some brilliant coral reefs to find for the individuals who appreciate jumping and snorkeling. Various shorelines are likewise exclusive by the shoreline resorts.

  • Pantai Cahaya Bulan:

Pantai Cahaya Bulan or Moonlight shoreline is one of the best shorelines close Kuala Lumpur. It lies close to the state capital Kota Bahru which is 445 kilometers far from Kuala Lumpur, effectively available through flights. By transport, it is approximately nine hours away. Pantai Cahaya Bulan gloats of clear waters and wonderful fine sand. Guests can appreciate some new fish on the shoreline. An extraordinary spot for family trips and picnics, this shoreline has water sports exercises and steed riding offices as well.

  • Rawa Island:

Rawa Island is this ideal shoreline that lies off the east bank of Malaysia, available just by vessel from Mersing. At a separation of four and a half hours away or 367 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur, Rawa Island is an entire world separated. Encompassed by lavish vegetation and gloating of the mildest white sand that is embraced by delicate swells, Rawa has been delightfully created by the Sultanate of Johor that secretly claims it. Extraordinary for windsurfing, kayaking, angling and snorkeling, Rawa is a perfect escape as a heaven.