Alwar: Three minor girls went missing, police started investigation


Alwar: 3 minor school girls missing from a residential girl schools in Neemrana, Alwar and on getting the information the police officials spread crossways and started haunting for them.

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Police officials conveyed that the missing complaint was filed by principal of Kanya Gurukul and told that 3 students of class 7 went missing from school premises.

Police now examining the CCTV footage of the area to ensure that if the girls had ran away from the school. Station in-charge Surendra Malick further stated that the school is situated at Dadhiya village. Police squad was propelling to the school to investigate the issue.

Police teams given the information about the girls to the other police stations of the district and the haunt operation launched.

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A senior official conveyed that they have called the family member of the missing girls and local intelligence units are being said to keep eye over girls who may stroll close to city’s bus stands and railway stations.