Alwar: Teenage girl sexually assaulted by two accused


Alwar: A shocking incident occurred on Friday in Alwar when a 17-yr-old teenage girl was gang-raped by two in the Laxmangarh police station area. Police officials conveyed that the two accused was recognized as Parvendra Singh and Lal Bhadaur and the Laxmangarh police registered case against them.

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Police officials further conveyed that on Friday the incident occurred when the teenage girl was moving to feed their family cattle.

At that time the two indicted kidnapped her and took her to a secluded place where they sexually assaulted her. Police further added that the two accused left girl inside a health care centre and then ran away. Locals informed the girl’s parents and they immediately hurried to the spot.

Her parents found her near the health centre where she was profusely bleeding and was unconscious. Police further conveyed that parents immediately took her to a nearby hospital and informed police about the incident.

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Police further conveyed that we have registered complaint and has started investigation. Her medical report is awaited.