Alwar: Police evacuated cows, smugglers flee


Alwar: In another shocking incident in the early hours on Wednesday in Alwar the Bhiwadi police chase fire from cow smugglers who are transporting cows illegally and they also started firing on police. Police official conveyed that the cow smugglers flee away from the spot under darkness, but police directed to evacuate five cows which were illegally transported for massacre.

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The incident occurred on Wednesday when a squad from Phool Bagh police station close to Bhiwadi area started checking a vehicle full og cattle group. A senior police officer further conveyed that abruptly unknown people in the vehicle started firing.

Then for about 40 minutes the firing occurred between police and guilty smugglers and finally around 6 smugglers ran away from the area, leaving the vehicle there carrying cows. Police officials further added that none of our official injured in the exchange of firing.

The sub-inspector of Phool Bagh police station Hans Raj conveyed that the investigation begin of all five cows, stolen from Dharuhera, Haryana. A case has been filed in this matter at Dharuhera police station and the five smugglers also recognized as Rahul, Wasim, Jabba, Leelu, Idris and Kasam.

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A senior police officer of Bharatpur further added that we have established more ‘chowkis’ and deployed patrolling squads and also written to the police headquarters to raise security at night.