Alwar: Cops busted Blackmailing Gang


ALWAR:  Ramgarh police busted a gang involved in blackmailing and cheating people by threatening them to implicate in rape cases on Monday. The conmen of Mewat region who used to cheat people by selling fake gold biscuits as genuine have now changed their style of cheating. With involvement of women in their gang they are now into blackmailing and cheating men by threatening them to implicate them in rape cases. Five persons including two women were arrested by the police.

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As per the police, the group included two ladies who used to first ring men who are well off and later subsequent to become a close acquaintence with them they used to debilitated them to get dragged in an assault case.

“We have arrested five persons including two women who had targeted a man and had demanded Rs 90,000 from him. They had asked him to pay this money to avoid a rape charge against him. While arresting five people we have also recovered Rs 90,000 from their possession,” said a senior officer of Ramgarh police on Monday.

Police said that the preparatory examinations proposed that the group was dynamic in Bharatpur and Alwar and a few sections of Haryana. The captured people were distinguished as Iqbal, Aa rif, Magru, Hasira and Saku tan. “They were earlier in volved in cheating people by selling fake gold biscuits as genuine to people,” said Surendra Kumar, station place of ficer, Ramgarh.

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