Alwar: Aunt held for nephew’s murder  


ALWAR: A woman and her husband were arrested for allegedly killing her nephew two years ago by sacrifice to have a male child on Thursday by the local police. A third person has also been arrested in connection with the incident while a fourth managed to escape.

As reported by the police, the victim’s fatherly close relative Girija Devi, a 45-year-old lady, had no child and needed a male child. Devi told the police that she saw a tantrik `in her fantasies much of the time’ who recommended relinquishing a kid for bringing forth a child.

Devi talked about the tantrik and her fantasies to her significant other, Govind Das, and two of his companions, Satendra Kumar and Anirudh. The four then wanted to give up nine-year-old Mukesh, Devi’s sibling’s child. While the police arrested three of them, Anirudh figured out how to escape.

The occurrence happened two years back. Mukesh’s dad has a place with Madhya Pradesh and they had moved to Shahjahanpur in Alwar locale for work. Mukesh’s body was found in a lake two years prior, Shahjahanpur’s station house officer Rajesh Kumarsaid.

The police examined the case and yet were ignorant regarding the puzzling homicide of the kid for a long time. They said that Devi had tricked Mukesh by promising him to purchase shoes and bread rolls.

Alongside her significant other Along with her better half and his companion, she took Mukesh to a lake in Raiser town. They relinquished the kid close to the lake and dumped his body in it.