All the songs are repetitive nowadays, that’s why am doing very less work, says Farah Khan


Choreographer Farah Khan has stopped doing choreography in Bollywood as she feels that all the songs in the industry are 'repetitive' these days.

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"I feel all the songs are repetitive nowadays and all the situations are like same. Therefore, I also have stopped (choreographing) and doing very less work. Every song looks the same," she said. 

She said, “Today's choreographers are very good dancers but they do not pay attention on improving their expertise further.”

"A very good dancer gets a chance to choreograph and when their song becomes a hit, they do not pay attention on their skills and expertise. Since they keep getting work they do not see any need to improve their talents or think of choreography to make it unique or deliver a story through the dance composition," she added.

"They are good but they are different from me because I had to struggle a lot to reach this level. Sometimes struggle is good for a person because it teaches you a lot. Without struggling, it's like you are in second standard but elevated to 10th. Therefore, what you should have learnt in between, you're not able to acquire. Their struggle isn't same as me," she told.

When asked Farah whether she will do choreography for Hollywood Films, she said, "I've already done it. I am happy whenever they make a film with dance and song like Bombay Dreams they choose me for the choreography. I have worked with Jackie Chan and Shakira. However, Hollywood doesn't have the song and dance culture. So when they want somebody from Bollywood I am glad that they think of me first."

Farah did the choreography in famous films 'Main Hoon Na', 'Om Shanti Om', 'Tees Maar Khan' and 'Happy New Year'.

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