All leads on missing AN-32 have turned out to be bad, says Manohar Parrikar


NEW DELHI:  The incident happened on Thursday when an Indian Air Force (IAF) AN-32 plane got missed. The plane took off from Chennai and was heading towards Port Blair.

On the fifth day of the missing AN 32 IAF plane, the rescue operators have not able to find out the leads associated with the plane. They have lost all the hopes of finding people alive.

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"A lot of resources are in place. All leads till now have turned out to be bad. We are trying to concentrate on some links or sound which has emitted from some area. Trying to find out, that needs to be ascertained but there were some false leads but false leads of similar type," Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said here on Tuesday.

He said that, “A state of art ice-class research vessel, Sagar Nidhi, of the National Institute of Ocean Technology has been called from Mauritius.”

"Because deep vessels which go inside cannot go and search per se unless you have some definite small area. So last time (Doriner crash), submarine had identified the location and then we had send it (deep sea vessel of Reliance). It is a secondary operation after initial identification," he added.

Oceanographic research will be conducted to look into the matter. Moreover, one separate lab has been designed and installed with integrated survey systems with modern scientific survey equipments like single and multi beam echo sounder for shallow and deep waters, sub bottom profiler, acoustic current profiler.

"I think the submarine finally located the Dornier with the same beeps. Initially sound might not have come due to depth of water but when the submarine went in there, they identified the location. Can't say whether it is operating or not now but we have not been able to hear it," he said.

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"The weather was bad but the pilot had taken the required steps," a senior source said.