Aligarh: Mother-Daughter died in blast, 2 wounded


UP: A house got collapsed due to the fire cracker in Uttar Pradesh in Hardewaganj area of ​​Aligarh on Thursday. The incident takes the lives of a woman and her daughter and left two others wounded.

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Police sources affirmed that, the crackers were kept in the house of Rafika aka Pika, who had a business of fireworks in the Jalali town of Harduaganj area. The crackers exploded at around 10.30 pm on Thursday.

His house collapsed due to the crackers explosion and his wife Afsari (35) and 15-year-old daughter Taiba died on the spot after being buried in the wreck of building.

He affirmed that Rafika’s daughter Munitisha and her wife died while two others wounded in the incident. Later, the injured were taken to the hospital to undergo treatment.

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The investigation is in process by the cops.