Alibaba launched its first “Internet car”


Chinese E-commerce company Alibaba has recently taken initiative to come up into the automobile sector. Recently, the company has launched its first “internet car” with name RX5  in collaboration with SAIC, one of China’s big four state-owned automakers.

The car is available for pre-order now and it is priced at RMB 148,800 ($22,300). The delivery of the car will begin from August.

 Over the last two years, the sports vehicle has been build up as part of a joint venture between Alibaba and SAIC which contributed $160 million into the 50-50 project.  This joint venture consists of a new version of Alibaba’s Yun operating system which allows the car to connect to and tap into various internet services.

Company Alibaba offers services from personalized greetings, music and preferred destinations which is based on settings that can be proceeded from a smartphone or wearable, to the ability to use Alibaba’s Alipay payments service to pay for parking spaces, fill up with gas or buy a coffee.

The RX5 includes three LED screens and space for up to four detachable 360 degree cameras to record video and take photos. There is also support for voice controls while an onboard “intelligent” mapping system.

 “What we are creating is not ‘internet in the car’, but a ‘car on the internet’. This is a significant milestone in the automobile industry. Smart operating systems become the second engine of cars, while data is the new fuel,” said Dr. Wang Jian, who is chairman of Alibaba’s ‘Technology Steering Committee.’

“Going forward, cars will become an important platform for internet services and smart hardware innovation. We will be embracing a world where everything is closely connected,” Wang added.