Ali Fazal Says Victoria & Abdul Doesn’t Represent His political views on colonialism


Performing artist Ali Fazal says his part in Victoria and Abdul, a never-before exposition on the indefinable fellowship between Queen Victoria and Abdul Karim, doesn't speak to his political perspectives on colonialism. The 30-year-old on-screen character doesn't preclude inconvenience over his part in the film as some would consider him to be a British chump. He said: "We can't prevent individuals from speculation what they need to. I didn't see the part as speaking to my political perspectives on imperialism. I am simply assuming the part of a man who was extraordinary and effective and enticing." Judi Dench assumes the part of Queen Victoria.

Ali Fazal, who as of late shot for the film in England, has come back with glad musings.

"I got a chance to work with Judi Dench in almost every scene. How many Indian actors get that chance? I got a chance to work with so many stalwarts from British cinema. Judi Dench, of course, is a legend. Then there was my director Stephen Frears. He is the man who made some of British cinema's salient trendsetters. I love My Beautiful Laundrette and Dangerous Liaisons," he said.

"Then there was the writer, Lee Hall, whose Billy Eliott is one of my favourite films. Besides Judi, I also had the chance to work with distinguished actors like Michael Gambon, Simon Callow wnd Eddie Izzard. Eddie is trans-gender actor of immense power and popularity. Just being around them was a learning experience," he said.

Ali's liking to his character Abdul Karim was natural.

"There isn't much documented history on him. Abdul Karim was a secret from Queen Victoria's palace that was best forgotten. But I read what I could. When I arrived in England for the shooting, I was shown a picture of Abdul Karim. Then they put up a portrait of me as Abdul Karim. The two pictures fused in my mind. It was surreal," he said.

The best compliment that Ali got was from executive Frears, who said Ali helped him to remember Shashi Kapoor.

"Stephen has worked with Shashiji in Sammy and Rosie Get Laid. He has requested that I meet Shashiji and pass on his respects. He has likewise requested that I meet Roshan Seth. Since he lives in Delhi and I am shooting in the Capital for Fukrey 2, I will meet Roshanji soon," he said.