Aleppo: Nearly seven people died in Chemical gas attack


DAMASCUS: Nearly seven people were died and 20 others suffered breathing problems due to the chemical gas attack that took place in Aleppo on Wednesday.

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“On Monday, The Nour Addien al-Zinki rebel group bonfire rockets which was filled with poisonous gas on the government-controlled Salahuddien district in Aleppo”, Xinhua news agency said.

The information has been given to US by Russia about excess consumption of poisonous materials in Aleppo, reported SANA.

On Tuesday, the rebels also blamed the government on Tuesday for dropping barrel bombs stuffed with chlorine gas on the rebel-held town of Saraqeb. In the battles, both the sides have repeatedly traded allegations about the use of chemical materials.

SANA said, “Seven people were killed and 41 others were wounded on Wednesday by fresh rebel shelling on the government-controlled parts of Aleppo.”

“Recently, Aleppo has faced intensified battles and violence with the government troops tightening the noose on the rebel-held areas in the eastern part, while the rebels unleashed several offensives to break government siege on rebel-held areas”, Xinhua news agency reported.

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SANA said, “The air force carried out 100 air strikes on rebel positions in the countryside of Aleppo on Wednesday, managing to foil a wide-scale offensive of the rebels, the third to hit within a couple of weeks.”