The Albert Clock won’t tell you the time – unless you solve a simple maths problem


Maths: the bane of every student’s existence. But you’ve got to learn it, do it and do it as well as you can. If your parents or teachers were anything like mine, you most likely observed those mental maths issues to be the worst. Well, there’s an unusual new product you’ve got to hear about. The Albert Clock is a digital wall clock that won’t disclose to you the time – unless you can solve a mathematical equation. Truly. Could it make maths fun once more?

The brainchild of Paris-based Axel Schindlbeck and Fred Mauclere, the idea behind the Albert Clock is to transform boredom (including in the classroom) into time spent improving mental maths skills. So, rather than just show you the time, you should (correctly) solve simple maths equations to uncover the time. For example, rather than showing 10.45 AM, the clock will show 8+2 hours and 32+13 minutes.

The clock can be set to six different levels of difficulty. In standard mode, the inquiries change every minute. If you’re feeling up to a challenge, you can set the clock to its fastest mode where questions change every 10 seconds. Yikes.

Individuals have a ton of mixed feelings about the clock:

There’s just a single thing the clock is missing and that is an alarm button. As the designers of the Albert Clock clarify, it is intended to be used for a single purpose – to calculate the time. Actually.

While the clock retails for about $300, there is additionally a free application available to download for iOS and Android. So, each glance at your phone will give you another mathematical challenge.

Would you ever buy one of these clocks? Do you plan to download the mobile application? Tell us in the comments section below.