Akshaya Tritiya Mantras As per zodiac sign!


Akshaya Tritiya is one of the promising celebrations celebrated on a terrific scale in India. It is a major day among the Hindu and Jain people group in the subcontinent. Akshaya Tritiya falls on the Tritiya or third day in the time of Vaishakha. In 2017, it falls on 28th April. As it is viewed as an extremely propitious day, no mahurat is required to do Puja or begin any new business wander on this day.

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Mantras as per for your zodiac sign:

To make this day more propitious, serenade these mantras to pick up riches, bliss, and general achievement, and thriving in view of your zodiac sign!


Aries should serenade ‘Aum aeng kling saung’ for riches and achievement. They ought to give wheat, beats, red garments, red blooms, molasses, and copper.


Taureans should serenade ‘Aum aeng kling shreeng’ for general success and give white stallions, dairy animals with calves, precious stones, fragrances and rice.


Gemini should serenade the mantra ‘Aum kling aeng saung’ for flourishing and joy in life. They ought to give green garments, gold, heartbeats, emerald and shellfish


Cancerians should serenade this riches mantra: ‘Aum aeng kling shriing’ and give bamboo wicker container, rice, fragrances, white garments, pearls, silver, drain, curd, sugar and ghee.


Leos should serenade the riches mantra ‘Aum hriing shriing shraung’ for general achievement and thriving. They ought to give wheat, dairy animals, red garments, red blossoms, molasses, gold, copper, and so on.


Virgo people should serenade ‘Aum shring aeng shraung’ for success and joy in their lives. They ought to give green bangles and fennel nuts to eunuchs too green hued garments.


Librans should serenade this riches mantra ‘Aung shriing aeng shaung’ and give fragrances, white garments, sandalwood and sugar to a sanctuary


Scorpions should serenade ‘Aum aeng kliing shriing’ for progress and riches in their lives. They ought to give red sandalwood, Kesar, red bull, land and coral.


Sagittarius people should serenade this riches mantra ‘Aum hriing kliing saung’ and give yellow grain, yellow garments and topaz.


Capricorns should serenade this riches mantra ‘Aum hriing kliing saung’ and give beats, sesame, oil, dark cow and shoes


Aquarians should serenade this riches mantra ‘Aum hriing kliing shriing’ to mollify Maa Lakshmi today. Give dark garments, covers, sapphire, umbrellas, press, silver, and so forth

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Pisces should serenade the accompanying mantra ‘Aum hriing kliing saung’ to pacify Maa Lakshmi. They ought to give gold, turmeric, Kesar, silver, sugar, nectar, salt, stallions, and so on.