AKG K52 Review



  • The AKG K52 is evaluated at Rs. 2,900
  • The earphones gloat a nonpartisan sonic signature and agreeable fit
  • Contraptions 360 rates the earphones a solid 4.5/5

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Despite the fact that a part of the Harman gathering of organizations that additionally claims brands, for example, JBL and Harman Kardon, AKG has a legacy that dates the distance back to 1947. Built up in Austria as an expert sound hardware producer, the organization is still situated in Vienna and now spends significant time in earphones and amplifiers. It's a prevalent brand in the expert sound section, additionally has a solid fan base among regular customers.

Despite the fact that AKG is prevalently known for its premium offerings, the organization does not timid far from the more reasonable end of the business sector. Today, we're checking on the Rs. 2,900 AKG K52 around-ear earphones, which have a great deal on offer at an extremely sensible cost. Discover exactly how great the AKG K52 earphones are in our full audit.

Design, specifications and comfort

The AKG K52 earphones have been outlined on account of solace, with an around-ear fit that totally encompasses your ears. Furthermore, the earphones additionally include a self-changing fitting instrument which guarantees a perfect fit and holds the headset immovably yet serenely set up.

The inflexible edge of the earphones is made of metal, however the ear housings are plastic. This keeps the heaviness of the earphones down to an agreeable 200g. The ear housings sit on an adaptable base which permits them to move every which way to guarantee a legitimate fit. The shut back earphones have a recurrence reaction scope of 18-20,000Hz and an impedance rating of 32Ohms. The outline and components imply that the earphones can be utilized as a part of a studio setting, however are similarly quiet at home or while driving.

The external confronting side of the earphones has the AKG logo and model number on it, alongside an announcement that the earphones have been 'outlined and built in Vienna'. Accessible in a matte dark complete, the headset looks plain and doesn't generally have much putting it all on the line as far as allure.

The link is non-separable, highlights an industry-standard 3.5mm attachment, and is longer than normal at 2.5m. The outline is to a great degree tangle-inclined, just like the length itself, so it's best to keep the link packaged up. Additionally included is a 3.5mm-to-6.3mm connector pin, yet no convey case.


We utilized our OnePlus 3 (Review) and a Windows portable workstation for our survey of the AKG K52, furthermore attempted it with a Chord Mojo DAC and our reference Fiio X1 high-determination sound player. Center tracks for the audit were Daft Punk's One More Time, Pendulum's 9000 Miles, and Royksopp's Remind Me.

Beginning with the parlor track Have You Kept Your Ticket, we found the presentation and sonic mark to be amazingly open and clean, offering a brilliant feeling of space and a wide soundstage. Imaging is awesome too, with the earphones figuring out how to discrete and position different components precisely inside the virtual soundstage. The earphones are additionally amazingly uproarious, and figure out how to keep up the same level of point of interest at different volumes without sounding excessively muddied or confounding. The vocals in the track sounded fresh and strong, as did the synthesizer components and bass hits.

With 9000 Miles, we found that sound is even and determined through the recurrence range, including lows to highs similarly spoke to by the earphones. The sonic mark of the AKG K52 is genuinely adjusted and impartial, holding solid abilities with bass, vocals and highs. At the point when the bass kicks in, it can be felt unpretentiously, while likewise permitting you to unmistakably listen to the mids and highs. There is a touch of shimmer at the top-end, however it really includes a touch of good flavor to the sound.

With Remind Me and the Chord Mojo, we saw a huge change in subtle element on account of the specific DAC, however the expanded intensification was a lot for the earphones at the most abnormal amounts. Turning the volume down to sensible levels made these Rs. 2,900 earphones sound like earphones that cost five times as much, and demonstrated that the earphones do in truth have some family even in a studio. The general openness and breezy nature of the sound was incredible, and a much needed refresher contrasted with the majority of the earphones we've evaluated in this value range.


The AKG K52 is among the best spending plan around-ear earphones you can purchase today, and we're left pondering exactly how the Austrian earphone creator has even succeeded at pressing in such a great amount of value for such a low cost. It's agreeable, all around composed and has a sonic mark that is shockingly adjusted and tonally spotless. Novice audiophiles and fanatics of impartial earphones won't locate a superior choice at this cost.

Despite the fact that there are a lot of contending alternatives accessible at this value, AKG's image name, outline and execution together help it emerge bigly. In the event that you aren't excessively worried about the absence of bang in the bass, or incline toward your earphones nonpartisan, the AKG K52 is something we would profoundly prescribe.

Cost (MRP): Rs. 2,900


Great design and fit

Long link

Adjusted and tonally great sound

Skilled through the recurrence range

Exceptionally sensible evaluating


Nothing noteworthy at this cost

Evaluations (Out of 5)

Design: 4

Performance: 4.5

Value for money: 5

Overall: 4.5

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