Ajmer: Time for small crime, petty robbers to the fore


AJMER: The government’s move to withdraw higher denomination currency notes has led to another downfall as petty thieving is in and big robberies are out in Ajmer city.
All the police stations have been asked to watch out for pickpockets, shoplifters and other small-time snatchers at banks and ATMs. There have been no big crimes, with the city reporting only about half-a-dozen incidents of snatchings and a theft of about Rs 24,000 from the Madarpura region over the last one week, according to a police alert.

Policemen have been deputed in civil dresses at prime banks of the city and stations have been requested that take adjusts in their particular areas.

As reported by the sources, taking after the demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 coin notes, greater cash related theft crimes have fallen.

“Thieves are presently not concentrating on ‘small currency crimes’ in shops,” said a cop.

“A year ago, amid marriages, gangs of thieves were active in the city and thefts of lakhs of rupees were reported from various marriage functions. These gangs work together like ‘families’ to enter marriage ceremonies and do petty crimes,” he said.

Be that as it may, this year, no enormous crime has been accounted for from any police headquarters in the region. “Demonetization has made the city free of crimes,” included another cop. There were still little crimes like disturbing peace in regions or small conflicts.

As reported by sources, there have been occurrences of money snatching at different banks and ATMs. “Two days prior, two adolescents snatched money traded by a veteran while he was turning out from the bank in Civil Lines,” said a source.

He included that thieves were not intrigued by greater thefts as representatives were not conveying a considerable measure of money from their shops. On Thursday, a robbery of Rs 24,000 was reported late at night from Madarpura.

“After a long hold up, I had changed currency from the bank and kept it in my home. In any case, thieves went into the house late around evening time and stole the cash,” said Om Prakash, the victim. Police speculate that thieves were following individuals who were changing cash from banks and focusing on them for thefts. “The old cash is of no use to the thieves. Thus, they are searching for cash that has been changed over,” a source said.

Police authorities are on alarm and keeping a nearby watch on suspicious individuals assembling close banks or ATMs in their general vicinity.