Ajmer Court dismissed the petition challenging mayor election


AJMER: The court here on Wednesday dismissed the request of challenging election process of mayor Dharmender Gehlot expressing that candidate Surender Singh has not been able to produce sufficient evidences on illegality in the process.

Gehlot won the election of mayor after both competitors got equivalent votes and later election officer put out the chit to choose. Singh had tested the election before court pleading that the returning officer wrongly declared Dharmendra Gehlot as mayor after a tie in counting at 30-30 votes between him and Gehlot.

Singh argued in the court that the draw which was taken for the second time after his name showed up in the primary chit on account of the weight from the top BJP pioneers. Shekhawat had claimed that the draw was taken out for the second time after his name showed up in the main occurrence under weight from top level in the legislature. After inspect the records and video footages of voting, the court found no confirmations in the request of and in this way, expelled it.