Ajmer: Bangladeshi devotee bangs head in Dargah to get wish fulfilled


Ajmer: A 45-year-old Bangladeshi devotee banged his head on the floor and walls of Ajmer dargah in order to fulfil his wish on Saturday. He was admitted to JLN Hospital.

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Usman Gani of Chit village of Bangladesh have been detained by the police for questioning.

Reportedly, a baba advised Usman that he needed to play out some relinquish to get his desire satisfied. Late in the night, while offering supplications in the dargah, he slammed his head into the floor and dividers close Jannati darwaja.

“We were informed about blood near the Jannati gate and rushed to the spot. We also informed high officials as different rumours had spread. Later, we found that a devotee banging his head on the floor,” said dargah police.

A great deal of enthusiasts practice superstitions to demonstrate their commitment to all-powerful and get his endowments “They hear different stories related to sacrifice and believe that almighty wants sacrifice to bless them and, therefore, perform sacrifices here,” said a khadim. Episodes of relinquish are regular here and in August 2014 a young had hopped in a bubbling grain pot inside the dargah premises. He was admitted to the healing center in basic condition.

In October 2010, a group of nine individuals starved themselves with the expectation that omnipotent will shower endowments on them. They were later hospitalized.

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