Air Pollution strokes increased in Delhi, new study finds


New Delhi: The Delhi city is facing air pollution from the last 2-3 years due to the rise in the vehicle.

Air Pollution has reached to its heights in the city and it is the major contributor for stroke leading to death and disability, mainly in developing and middle-income countries like India.

Study reveals that air pollution accounts to 30% of the global stroke burden and there are various factors such as smoking, poor diet and lack of physical activity which contributes to 74.2% of stroke.

 Air pollution often causes metabolic disorders like cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity.

“The Changing lifestyle and habits in developing countries is a major concern for increasing burden of non-communicable disease”, doctors said.

"The study says that air pollution is an indicator for stroke. It is important also because there are no ideal treatment options for stroke and therefore, prevention is the best solution," says Dr C S Aggarwal, senior consultant, department of neurology , Ganga Ram Hospital.