Air Force Officer Arrested For Sharing Confidential Information To ISI

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An Indian Air Force (IAF) officer has been detained in Delhi on allegations of spying and sharing information to Pakistani intelligence agency ISI.

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The accused has been found as Group Captain Arun Marwaha. He gave information to two Pakistani agents who conversed with him on social media playing act of being a women.

The case has been filed against him under Official Secrets Act and he have to face seven years in prison.

As per the source, Two Pakistan agents had made a forged profile as woman and the IAF officer began conversing with them on WhatsApp. All of them even shared intimate texts with each other.  When the women’s false account operators achieve belief of officer, they directed him for confidential documents. The officer started sending them every day on WhatsApp, sources stated. The information that he exchanged was based on new agencies in the meadow of cyber warfare, space, special operations.

A leading Air Force officer revealed the immense breach recently and created an internal probe. When Group Captain Marwaha’s character was disclosed, IAF told the Delhi Police. The matter was handed over to the cops by counter-intelligence wing of the Air Force after the interrogation for 10 days by Marwaha.

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The culprit was detained on Thursday as he was going into the Air Force headquarters with his smartphone, which is not permitted in the office. He witnessed five days cops custody by a court.


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