AIIMS: Chikungunya 2,000 samples Test positive


NEW DELHI: Chikungunya cases are still on the ascent in the national capital as no less than 2,000 blood test tests have tried positive for Chikungunya at AIIMS just, where specialists are likewise examining the viral strain that is in circulation.This comes weeks after a city report recorded 2,625 Chikungunya cases in the national capital till September 17.

The national capital is and a few different parts of north India are seeing a flare-up of Chikungunya after about 10 years and healing facilities have reported no less than 15 passings including one at AIIMS, due to Chikungunya complications. AIIMS however today attested that chikungunya "can't bring about death" and credited "co-grimness" as the variable which causes casualty in uncommon cases."1 out of 1,000 individuals, i.e., 0.1 for every penny risk passing on because of chikungunya complexities, and that as well if the patient has co-bleak conditions. Chikungunya is generally non-deadly," Head of the Department of Medicine, Dr S K Sharma said.

AIIMS Director Dr M C Misra, and a few different specialists from different divisions today tended to a question and answer session before an open address on dengue and chikungunya fever at it grounds here."In the event that one investigations the passings, ascribed to chikungunya, being accounted for in Delhi, you would understand that the vast majority of them had co-dismal conditions, similar to hypertension or diabetes or kidney or other renal issues. Chikungunya in that capacity can't bring about death," Misra said.

As indicated by a metropolitan report, no less than 2,625 instances of chikungunya have been accounted for in the national capital till September 17. More than 1,300 dengue cases and 19 passings because of it have been likewise reported.Dr Lalit Dar of Department of Microbiology at AIIMS, says, the rising instances of chikungunya after the 2006 episode could be because of "Delhi having a great deal of vagrant populace and era conceived after 2006." "Since they were not presented to the viral strain in 2006 and subsequently not developed insusceptible, so they are getting influenced by it," he said.

As indicated by Dar, AIIMS labs have "tried 3,500 instances of chikungunya tests out of which 2,000 have tried positive, about 58 for each penny. Also, for dengue, out of 8,500 specimens just 474 have tried positive." "We are likewise examining the infection sort for the last over two months in our labs," he said. On dengue Sharma said, "Individuals ought not pursue platelet mean seriousness of the illness. Also, now and again, platelet transfusion can bring about confusions and even hepatitits B or C. The notice signs ought to drain and cerebrum inconveniences, at exactly that point they ought to be taken up for transfusion."