Ahmedabad: School teachers get up close with snakes at Sundarvan


Over 60 teachers from government and government-aided schools in Ahmedabad participated in two-day workshop that started from August 19 at Sundarvan in Satellite to know more about snakes and spread the awareness to school students.

Sundarvan officials said that the snake awareness programmes started around 30 years ago for them and is one of the important outreach activities to save the reptiles and dispel the misconceptions. In past one year alone, experts have reached out to over 9,000 students and 320 teachers in 82 schools with aid from a UK-based foundation.

"The orientation workshop covers aspects such as identification of snakes, venomous and non-venomous species, their behaviour, habitat, snake-bite mitigation, observation of snakes and whom to contact in time of spotting in residential areas. Experts also answer questions. We have distributed information booklets and posters in Gujarati and English for the schools as well," said a Sundarvan official.

He added that most of the hands-on activity is designed in a way that can be replicated with student groups.