Ahmad Khan Rahami has been accused of New York bombing


US powers charged New York bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami on Tuesday with utilization of a weapon of mass devastation in weekend assaults in Manhattan and New Jersey.

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The charges, recorded in a Manhattan court by US Attorney Preet Bharara, likewise incorporate bombing, obliteration of property and utilization of a dangerous gadget, as indicated by the 14-page arraignment.

A pressure cooker bomb that went off in Manhattan Saturday harmed 29 individuals. Another bomb that detonated on the New Jersey shore did not hurt anybody but rather constrained the cancelation of a Marine Corps philanthropy race.

The prosecution says video recouped from the phone of a relative of Rahami, 28, demonstrates him lighting combustible material in a tube shaped compartment two days before the bombings.

A written by hand manual recouped from him after his capture on Monday incorporates compositions censuring the US government for the "butcher" of Muslim contenders in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and somewhere else, it includes.

Rahami likewise composed that he was concerned over the possibility of being gotten before he could do a suicide assault, the prosecution says.

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