Agencies suspect Indian Mujahideen’s hand in Mysuru Court Blast


Mysuru: The low intensity bomb explosion was held in Mysuru city court on Monday. In context of that matter, the National Investigation Agency, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh police are suspecting that there was a big hand of Indian Mujahideen.

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"The blast might have been executed by professionals who are experts with explosives, but we are yet to ascertain the group behind this," said a police source.

A investigating agency source said, “Copper wires, steel splinters, batteries, gunpowder and a timer were used to trigger the blast.”

Just after the blast, Kerala police visited the spot. Moreover, agency believes that it was pressure cooker bomb which was found at Mysuru city court.

In 2006, Pressure cookers bombs have been used in the Mumbai serial blasts which killed around 200 people, agencies said.

According to police, “The blast may have been planned to create panic among the VIPs who were attending the funeral Karnataka's chief minister Siddaramaiah’s son Rakesh Siddaramaiah.”

On Monday, four people got wounded in a low intensity bomb blast which took place in the toilet of Mysuru city court.

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"There are no CCTV cameras here. There are three gates and we have no security officials. We need to really look into these security lapses. That day the police force was diverted to Karnataka chief minister's son's funeral," says BR Dinesh, Advocate, Mysuru.

The investigation is in process by the NIA teams from Hyderabad and Delhi.