Why Agarbatti is harmful for health, know here?


People make use of Agarbatti especially during Puja. It helps to remove all the negative energy of surroundings. Burning incense gives peace to the mind. When someone burn Agarbatti in the evening, the negative atmosphere of house gets reduced.

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If the smoke of agarbatti goes into the body with respiratory system, the risk of heart attack gets increased. The breathing becomes more difficult. The nitrogen and sulfur dioxide gas present in the body may cause problems like asthma and COPD.

Carbon monoxide gas that emits from Agarbatti damages the lungs. When we breathe, the problem of cough and sneezing occurs.

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The brain cells are affected due to Agarbatti that leads to problems like headache and migraine. People faces problem like irritation and itching in the skin and eyes when Agarbattis are burnt.