After the astrologer’s prediction last month, her mother-in-law and sister-in-law had decided to kill Girija


Nellore, Andhra Pradesh: A pregnant lady in Andhra Pradesh's Nellore is recuperating from smolder wounds after a corrosive assault by her in-laws. The assault on Girija came a month ago after a celestial prophet allegedly guaranteed her relative that she was conveying a young lady. 

S Girija, 27, as of now has a one-and-a-half-year-old little girl. 

The police said that after the crystal gazer's forecast a month ago, her relative and sister-in-law had chosen to kill her and in the end tossed corrosive on her stomach on August 19. She managed 30 for every penny blazes and is yet to mend. 

The lady was saved by her neighbors, who took her to the healing facility. 

It is not yet comprehended what sort of corrosive was utilized to focus on her. Tests are on to set up it. The open offer of corrosive has been banned by a request of the Supreme Court in July 2013, yet wild infringement happens the nation over. 

The specialist who treated her cautioned the police. The police have enlisted an instance of endeavor to kill against the in-laws. 

Girija's better half and father-in-law have been captured. A senior cop told NDTV, "We are sitting tight for compound examination report. It gives the idea that they blended a substance in lamp oil and poured it over her. We are on a post for Girija's relative and sister-in-law." 

Police say that a property question between Girija's family and her in-laws could have set off the assault and they are examining on that front too. 

In Nellore, 939 young ladies are conceived for each 1,000 young men – much beneath the typical proportion during childbirth.