After Raghuram Rajan, next is Arvind Kejriwal; says Swamy in BJP MP’s protest


New Delhi. BJP Rajya Sabha member Subramanian Swamy today joined hunger strike outside Arvind Kejriwal’home accompanying his party colleague Maheish Girri, saying that “after Raghuram Rajan”, he will now concentrate on exposing Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

“Everyone including him (Kejriwal) and his wife has done fraud. He said he was a commendable student in IIT but I have data of how he got his admission and I am going to reveal it in a press conference. Till now I was after Raghuram Rajan and he has gone now,” Mr Swamy said.

Mahesg Giri, a BJP MP from Delhi, has been on a protest since the previous day. He wants Arvind Kejriwal to apologize for blaming him to be a part of the recent MM Khan’s murder, an official of the civic body New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC).

“Question me if necessary, arrest me if required”, said Mr Girri, challenging Mr Kejriwal for an open debate.

Mr Kejriwal had earlier in a letter blamed Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung of attempting to protect Mr Girri, who, he said, has links with the man arrested for the murder.

Mr Swamy said he and Mr Girri would not end their strike unless Mr Kejriwal apologizes or resigns.

Mr Kejriwal has shown no signs of yielding as he tweeted this morning on Mr Girri: "He shud be arrested n interrogated by Modi police in MM Khan murder case. Modi police shielding him."

MM Khan, an estate officer, was shot dead on May 16, a day prior to give an order on the terms of the lease of The Connaught, a four-star hotel. The hotel's owner, Ramesh Kakkar, was held along with six others for the murder.

Mr Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party have alleged that Mr Girri and NDMC Vice Chairman Karan Singh Tanwar, who also belongs to the BJP, played a suspicious role in the murder.

The Delhi Police has reportedly said they have not come across any evidence against the two.