After Bomb threat EI AI flights lands safely in Israel



Israel : An El Al flight from New York that was escorted Tuesday by military planes in Europe taking after a bomb danger landed securely in Israel.

El Al President David Maimon said Flight 002 from John F. Kennedy air terminal touched down late morning after an unknown tip was gotten with respect to a potential bomb risk installed. Taking after the tip, France and Switzerland sent military planes over their airspaces as escorts for the Boeing 747 plane flying toward Israel.

At Ben-Gurion Airport, stressed relatives anticipated the travelers in the entry lobby. The travelers themselves said they were ignorant of the dramatization until landing.

The Swiss flying corps said in an announcement that it sent planes around 8:30 a.m. on a supposed "hot mission," that went with the flight. Vladi Barrosa, a representative for the Swiss government-run air route administration Skyguide, said the plane departed Swiss airspace securely into Austrian airspace.

The episode brought about worry among local people in German-speaking Switzerland after two sonic blasts resounded after two Swiss F/A-18 air ship were conveyed for the escort. Barrosa, working in the Zurich range, said he excessively heard the impacts: "I contemplated to blast."

He said French military planes had additionally escorted the flight preceding its entrance into Swiss airspace, yet he didn't have further subtle elements. French authorities had no prompt remark.