“After ‘Barfi!’, I Decided To Do Something Different Because That Is What Gives You Thrill: Anurag Basu


Anurag Basu doesn't look stressed or bothered by the deferral in the arrival of his up and coming motion picture 'Jagga Jasoos'. Unexpectedly, it fulfills him feel that it is making individuals more anxious to see the motion picture. "Anurag Basu doesn't look worried or flustered by the delay in the release of his upcoming movie 'Jagga Jasoos'. On the contrary, it makes him feel happy that it is making people more impatient to see the movie. "The movie's release has been delayed by merely six months and I don't think I need to feel anxious about it,'' the director was quoted as saying.

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Anurag's main challenge was to finish the movie to his satisfaction after the split between Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif had threatened to stall the project. By Anurag's own admission, it was not easy creating that chemistry post their break up. But he feels happy that people will not be able to distinguish between the shots before and after the break up.

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Anurag loves to take the road less travelled and believes in taking risks. "After 'Barfi!', I decided to do something different because that is what gives you thrill and a sense of adventure to your new project," says Anurag, for whom repetitiveness is a dreaded word.