After 427 years a great coincidence, This Navaratri everyone’s Misery will be solved


Pitripaksh and Navratra festivals in Hindu society are considered very important. Pitripaksh where we remember our ancestors, and in Navratras observe fasting and worship Goddess Durga. Our society believes that any new and good work is put off for approximately sixteen consecutive days during Pitripaksh while during the 9 days of goddess any good work can be done.

Lord Rama Too Paid Memorial To His Father

Sometimes there are some miracles which come after many years. Something like that has happened this time. A coincidence this year has took place, which in the last 427 years was not in the almanac. Would like to know, Let us informs you about this coincidence. This time Pitripaksh will end in just fifteen days while on the other hand, Navratri will run for 10 days instead of 9 days. Before this, the coincidence was built in 1589 and now the coincidence again will be formed four hundred years later.

Decrement of Pitripaksh and increment of Navratri is a good sign. According to Pundits decrement of one day at the memorial side and increment a day of Navratri is a good sign. Tritiya will be of two days during Navratri. The Navratri are starting from October 1, which will run until 10 October. Years later, Navaratri will be celebrated of 10 days instead of 9. Tritiya will be celebrated on October 3 and 4. 11th day will be celebrated Dussehra.

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