African woman attacked in fresh crowd violence in Delhi


A Kenyan woman was assaulted by the mob in Delhi on Wednesday following the death of a local teenager from alleged drug overdose.

The reports revealed that the woman was allegedly drawn out of a taxi and was badly beaten by unknown attackers when she was coming back to her home in Greater Noida.

She has filed a formal complaint and she stated that four to five men assaulted her. The investigation has been started,” senior police officer Sujata Singh said.

The victim sustained injuries from the assault and was immediately taken to hospital for treatment.

The matter occurred as police raised security in the city’s extensive border where crowd on Monday assaulted a crowd of Africans with sticks and metal chairs.

Nearly five people have been detained by the police officials but they are currently looking for about four others accused and have created security checkpoints and raised patrols as portion of the attack.

The video footage of incident has been captured which portrays an angry mob hitting a car with sticks and beating it. Other footage showcased dozens of attackers thrashing shoppers in a mall with metal chairs and garbage cans.

More than hundred of African students reside in Greater Noida, where there are famous universities, engineering colleges and other educational institutions.

A local 16-year-old died in the attack on Sunday.

Police arrested five Nigerian students in link with the case after a crowd of local people went to their residence and put charges of murder.

Later, they were freed after police disappoints to find any proof against them.

A mob gathered for a candlelit vigil to order justice for the teenager turned violent after featuring a crowd of Nigerians.