Africa: Two Panda Cubs, Two Little Girls and the Sustainable Development Goals


What do two panda whelps and two Fijian young ladies need to do with the Sustainable Development Goals? 

In the event that you replied "everything," then you are in good shape, as per conclusions made by top United Nations authorities. 

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The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), or Global Goals, frame part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which was concurred and received by world pioneers a year ago, and serve as a worldwide arrangement for individuals, peace, flourishing and the planet. Of the 17 SDGs, Goal 13 is fixated on making critical move to battle environmental change and its effects, while Goal 15 focusses on ensuring, reestablishing and advancing feasible utilization of earthly biological communities, reasonably oversee timberlands, fighting desertification, and stopping biodiversity misfortune. 

In January this year, the UN Development Program (UNDP) assigned two pandas to authoritatively turn into the primary ever Animal Ambassadors for the SDGs, hailing that the bears symbolize the situation of the world's decreasing untamed life even with environmental change and the loss of regular living spaces. The pair, both guys, had been conceived a year ago at the Chengdu Panda Base in China, generally as world pioneers assembled in New York to embrace the SDGs. 

After a worldwide rivalry which saw a large number of entries with proposed names from 116 nations, UNDP's goodwill Ambassador Michelle Yeoh reported on Monday that the quest for names had arrived at an end. 

UNDP and China's Chengdu Panda Base declared two child panda whelps as the principal ever Animal Ambassadors for the Sustainable Development Goals. Photograph: UNDP 

"I'm satisfied and pleased to report the names of our panda envoys are Qiqi – in English "starting," and Diandian, which signifies 'minute,'" she said at an occasion at the seventh Social Good Summit in New York. "Together, the names give the feeling of the begin of an excursion – for this situation, our trip together towards 2030 as we work towards accomplishing the Global Goals." 

"Tending to biodiversity misfortune is one of the Sustainable Development Goals," Ms. Yeoh included. "At UNDP, we trust that our twin panda Ambassadors will rouse individuals to draw in with the objectives, and bring issues to light of our endeavors to advance maintainable improvement around the globe." 

Some days prior to this, two other little people – for this situation, two young ladies, matured 5 and 7 – stole the show at the opening of the 71st session of the General Assembly. The session's President Peter Thomson, a Fijian representative, had welcomed his granddaughters Grace and Mirabel to the platform – and guaranteed that he would work to make a superior future for them, speaking to every single future era.

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